Horizen Co-founder Believes Cryptocurrencies Will Benefit from the Looming Global Recession

Macro trends suggest that a global economic crisis could be looming. If a global recession were to happen in the future, many believe that cryptocurrencies would benefit. Horizen co-founder, Rob Viglione, weighs in on this topic.

Electroneum iOS Cloud Mining Beta is now Live

Another substantial landmark moment for Electroneum. After becoming the first KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency at the end 2018, we start 2019 with a bang; our IOS Cloud Mining Beta is now live! Exclusively for Blockfolio users, we are offering 2000 lucky people the opportunity to gain early access! Apply here

Insolar Launches Testnet

Insolar has successfully launched its testnet, demonstrating speeds of over 10,000 transactions per second! Observe the testnet. “Insolar’s testnet launch is a major milestone in our aggressive development timeline,” says Insolar CEO Andrey Zhulin. “Our testnet is robust, supports multiple node roles, and will prove one of our most exciting tech innovations, linear scalability, whereby each new node increases performance proportionally.”

TikTok Uses Factom to Demonstrate Patent Infringement by Baidu

Confirmation came today that the Factom Protocol has been used in a court against the world’s second largest search engine company, Baidu. Data secured with the Factom Protocol was used by TikTok to demonstrate patent infringement by Baidu.

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